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why is the efficiency of a calorimeter less than 100%

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Q: What would cause the calorimeter efficiency to be less than 100 percent?
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What would a machine that had 100 percent mechanical efficiency be called?

an ideal machine

What is the unit for efficiency?

there is no unit. its usually a percent. so it would be something like joules/joules, which would be nothing.

What is the units for efficiency?

there is no unit. its usually a percent. so it would be something like joules/joules, which would be nothing.

What are the end products of burning propane assuming 100-percent efficiency?

the end product assuming 100% efficiency would be carbon dioxide and water vapor

If efficiency of converting chemical to thermal energy was 90 percent what would the overall efficiency be?

In saying what the overall efficiency would be, I suppose you mean for other processes, creating the chemical energy for example, and using the thermal energy. This is impossible to answer, not knowing what these processes are.

The efficiency of an ideal machine?

Ideal would be 100 percent. But you'll never get it. Due to the principle of conservation of energy, energy efficiency within a closed system can never exceed 100%. At a loutspeaker you have electrical Voltage as input and sound pressure as output. The efficiency of the loudspeaker is really only 1 percent.

What would cause a percent yield to be over 100 percent?

Impurities in the substance can cause a greater percent yield. I recommend redoing the lab for better results.

What kind of cup would you use to make a calorimeter?

Styrofoam Cup

If the output of the secondary of a transformer is 1300 watts and the input of the primary is 1800 watts the percentage efficiency would be?

72 percent

Why would a machine with 100 percent efficiency be considered an ideal machine?

No heat loss = maximum output. There would be no loss of energy, which is an ideal condition.

How could you measure the calorie content of a peanut in a laboratory?

You would burn it in a calorimeter :-)

Why isn't it possible to attain an efficiency of 100 percent in heat engines?

Because unavoidably there would be a loss of energy during the process

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