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they would rise to power and enslave humanity

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Q: What would happen if the number of carnivores become more than herbivorous?
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What will happen if the number of electrons becomes less than the number of protons?

the specie will become a cation

Are spiders carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

Spiders are carnivores. They do not eat plants, but instead live off of other spiders (cannibalism isn't uncommon in spider behavior), insects, and even (if the spider's web is strong enough) bigger prey, such as mice and birds.

Are snakes the only true carnivores?

No. A number of animals are pure carnivores. Felines are one such example.

What would happen to an atom if the number of protons in the nucleus changed?

It would become a different element. It could become radioactive.

Can a small green lizard eat a maggot?

Yes, a small green lizard can eat a maggot. The reptiles in question (Lacertilia suborder) will feed upon flesh if they are carnivores or omnivores but they will not if they number among the plant-eating (herbivorous) genera.

What must happen if an atom is to be neutral?

It has to have an equal number of protons and electrons otherwise it'll become an ion.

What might happen to a grassy plain if a large number of trees grew trees?

It would become a forest.

What would happen if number of herbivore decline?

If herbivores were removed from the planet, the food chain wouldn't have a bottom. Some carnivores eat smaller carnivores, but the lowest carnivore on the food chain would die if herbivores would be removed, causing a chain reaction and, well, the carnivores that eat that carnivore would die, and the carnivores that eat THAT carnivore will die... etc. The world would be a total mess.

What do smilodons eat?

Smilodon was a carnivore that existed alongside a number of herbivorous animals. Animals like Megatherium and Doedicurus would have been tough to take down. So Smilodon probably preyed on animals like Macrauchenia most of the time. Smilodon also may have competed with other carnivores like terror birds, such as Phorusrhaco in South America and Titanis in North America.

What most likely happened to the herbivores and smaller carnivores in those local food change immediately after the predators disappeared?

If all predators disappeared, the number of herbivores and smaller carnivores will increase in number.

What would happen to the food chain if there was no rain at all?

Carnivores eat herbivores, but they also eat omnivores, which is another category that combines the herbivore and the carnivore. Certainly there would be much less food available to carnivores if all the herbivores were gone, and the number of carnivores would decrease, but as long as there are still omnivores, then there is the opportunity for some carnivores to continue to exist. For example, we human beings are omnivores, and even if all the herbivores were to disappear, we would find a way to continue to feed our pet dogs and cats, which are carnivores. Pigs are also omnivores, so presumably we would still have them as farm animals and food sources.

What would happen if the quotient is less than one?

What would happen if the quotient were less than one is that the number would become a decimal. It's basic fifth grade math.