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Q: When we subtract 5 from a number x, and divide the answer by 7 the result is 23 less than x. find x.?
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If gross pay is 320.00 how do you find out what percentage is taken out if net is 237.23?

You subtract the smaller number from the larger, then divide the result by the larger number and multiply that result by 100.

How do you find 95 percent of a number?

Divide the number by 5 and subtract the answer from the original number...

How do you find percent of change as a decrease?

Whether the change is an increase or decrease . . . -- Divide the new number by the original number. -- Multiply the result by 100. -- Subtract 100. -- Now you have the percent of change.

What is the percent decrease from 63 to 42?

33% To find out this out, subtract the larger number by the smaller number (63 - 42). Then divide the result (21) by the original number (63) and then you get the answer (21 divided by 63 = 0.333... = 33.333...%

To find acceleration you subtract what?

To find acceleration you subtract initial velocity from final velocity and divide it by time.

You get the same result if you multiply a number by 7 or if you multiply the number by 2 and then add 20 Find the number?

Suppose the number is x. Then 7x = 2x + 20 Subtract 2x from both sides: 5x = 20 Divide both sides by 5: x = 4

When a number is multiplied by 2 and increased by 8 the result is 34 find the number?

Suppose the number is x. Then 2*x + 8 = 34 Subtract 8 from both sides: 2*x = 26 Divide both sides by 2: x = 13

How do you find mean median and mode in a data set?

To find the mode you add all the numbers together, then divide by the amount of numbers you added. To find the median you take the largest number, subtract the smallest number, divide that by two and add it to the smallest number.

How do you find a percentage?

To find the percentage of one number you divide the numbers then multiply the answer by 100. For an example, if you want to find the percentage of four that the number three is you divide three by four and then multiply the result ,which is 0.75, by 100 and your result or percentage would be 75%!

Given a number square it then subtract the sum of twice the number and 4 The result is zero Find the number?

There aren't any whole numbers that satisfy this.

How would you find 210 percent of what number is 147?

Divide 147 by 210 and multiply the result by 100. The result is 70.

How do you do mean medium mode and range?

To find mean: add all the numbers and divide by the amount of numbers. To find medium: put the numbers in order and find the middle value. If there are two, add them and divide by two. To find mode: find the number that appears most often. To find range: subtract the lowest number from the highest number.