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For adding or substracting fractions first of all we should calculate the LCM( Lowest Common Multiplier) of the denominators in both of the fractions.

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Change dissimilar fractions to similar fractions

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Q: When adding or subtracting fractions what should you do first?
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What is the first thing you should look for when adding or subtracting fractions or mixed numbers?

common denominators.

What must you do first before adding or subtracting unlike fractions?

you must make the fractions equivalent and with the same denomenator

When adding or subtracting fractions you must first make sure you find a?

common denominator

Adding and subtracting unlike fractions steps?

first u find a common denominator

How do you check you math with adding fractions?

When adding or subtracting fractions first make sure that the denominators are the same if they aren't then find the lowest common denominator and alter the fractions accordingly

Why are equivalent fractions important when adding and subtracting fractions?

Because to add or subtract two fractions you first have to find equivalent fractions for both which have the same denominator.

how to rename fractions using LCM?

When adding or subtracting fractions with different denominators their lowest common denominator must be found first by using the LCM of their denominators

How do you minnous fractions?

To subtract fractions with like denominators, subtract the numerators , and write the difference over the denominator. Example : Find 45โˆ’25 . Since the denominators are the same, subtract the numerators.

What are the step in subtracting disimilar fraction?

Same as for adding: If the denominators are not equal, you must first find a common denominator, then convert both fractions to that common denominator.

When adding or subtracting two fractions with denominators that are not equal what is the first step you take?

The first step to take is find the lowest common denominator of the fractions which can be done by finding the lowest common multiple of the numbers.

What is the rule for subtracting fractions?

First, change it so that the two fractions have the same denominator (by changing the fractions into equivalent fractions). Once the two fractions have the same denominator, it is simply a case of subtracting the numerators, leaving the denominator the same. Finally, reduce the fraction to its lowest terms (if possible).

What is three fourths minus three eights?

3/83/4 - 3/8 = 6/8 - 3/8 = 3/8Always find the common denominator first when adding or subtracting fractions.

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