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90 degrees

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Q: When assuming left face how many degrees do you turn?
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When assuming half right or left face how many degrees do you turn?

When ordered a half-left or half-right turn you turn 45° in the said direction

How many regrees does one trun in a left face?

90 degrees

How many degrees is 33 celces?

Assuming you wish to convert degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit, the answer is 91.4 deg F.

How many degrees are there in a 16 of a circle?

Assuming question is How many degrees are there in a 1/6 of a circle sixty 360/6 = 60

How many degrees does a left angle have?

There are 90 degrees in a left angle as there are in a right angle but the term 'left angle' is rarely used

How many degrees are there in a left angle?

The same as in a right angle which is 90 degrees

How many face does square pyramid?

Four. Assuming you mean how many are visible when it stands. It has five total sides.

How many degrees in eleven hours?

Assuming you mean the angle of the hands of a clock set at 11. the smaller angle would be 30 degrees, and the larger would be 330 degrees.

How many degrees in a left triangle?

the same as a right triangle. It is just flipped. 90 degrees.

How many digress does the minute hand turn it ten minutes?

Assuming that "digress" has nothing to do with going off the subject, but your spelling of "degrees", the answer is 60 degrees.

How many degrees are in the angle between the hands of a clock and 1224?

144 degrees. Each minute mark around the clock face is 6 degrees.

How many degrees in an angle of an octagon?

Assuming that this is a regular octagon, with all of its angles equal, then each of those angles would be 135 degrees.It is 1080 degrees.