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Q: When operating under VFR below 18000 feet MSL unless otherwise authorized what transponder code should be selected?
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To severely oversimplify it: to set the operating pointof the circuit.In more detail, amplifying devices like vacuum tubes and transistors are inherently nonlinear and only amplify over a limited range of voltages and currents. An operating pointmust be selected on the device's response curve and then bias set in the circuit to maintain the device at that operating point to make the circuit do what is desired.for an amplifier with good linearity (class A) the selected operating point is in the middle of the most linear part of the curvefor a high power amplifier (class B push-pull) the selected operating point is at cutoff, with one device amplifying while the other rests then on the next half cycle they switchfor digital circuits the selected operating point is usually well beyond cutoff and gain is set very high so as soon as the device is driven out of cutoff by a signal it saturatesetc.

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