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Twiddling your thumbs - certainly NOT a problem-solving step.

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Q: When tackling a difficult question which is not usually a problem solving step that you use to help you find the right answer?
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When tackling a difficult question which is NOT usually a problem-solving step that you use to help you find the right answer?

Twiddling your thumbs - certainly NOT a problem-solving step.

What is lateral thinking?

lateral thinking - a heuristic for solving problems; you try to look at the problem from many angles instead of tackling it head-on

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Why is novel problem-solving particularly difficult in late adulthood?


which of the following is a question you should ask yourself when solving a problem?

How does it make me feel?

What is the meaning of the term Million Dollar Question?

Well when we say 'that's a million dollar question' it's not just an important question but THE most pertinent question. The question that begs for an answer. The question that represents the highest curiosity. This means a very difficult question to find the answer for and a question so difficult that whoever answers it gets a million dollars.Another AnswerIn any problem solving situation or mystery, It is necessary to take all the available information and use it to realize the actual problem. This problem definition is referred to as the million dollar question and is often associated with an "aha moment"

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the concept of problem solving problems in algorithms are problem solving in computer, what is the algorithms for solving in problems, what is the rule o algorithms in problem solving, what are the steps to solving a problem with your computer and engineering steps for solving problems

What is the definition of problem solving ability?

this is a stratergy used to solve a difficult situation

What is science investigative project?

* - an investigation about a scientific problem or question* - it is a problem solving process using the scientific method

What is solving problem in math?

sample of problem solving

What is problem solving?

The effort to analyze existing or likely problems, and to design responses that reduce the problem's negative effects. One definition of intelligence is the ability to solve problems.

What isTechnical problem-solving or creative problem-solving?

problem solving in computer sciences is used to divide a large problem into atomic steps and solving all steps hierarchically.