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When you subtract one number from another you get the difference.
You just said it; sum.

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Q: When you add two numbers you get a sum When you subtract two numbers what do you get?
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When i add the two numbers i get the sum of 96 .When i subtract the two numbers i get a difference of 56.What are the two numbers?

The numbers are: 76 and 20

Definition of Sum or difference of two cubes?

That means that you calculate the cubes of two numbers, and then either add or subtract them.

the sum of two numbers is 17 and the difference is 1?

9 and 8 because if you add them you get 17 and if you subtract them you get 1

What is the two numbers added together to get the sum?


What are the steps in solving product of sum and difference of two terms?

Add the two given numbers together. Subtract the two given numbers. Take the answer to each of these and multiply them together. For example, if your two given numbers are 8 and 10: Add them together and you get 18 Subtract them and get 2 Then multiply 2 x 18 and get 36

How do you add or subtract whole numbers?

well that is easy to add two whole numbers like 8+10 is just 18 so you find the total of the two numbers. then to subtract you take it away so 9-4=5 then to check add the 2nd number (in this case 4) to what the sum equals and 4+5=9

How to quantify the sum of two numbers?

Quantifying the sum of two numbers is usually simple to do. You take the given sum of the two numbers and subtract it with one given unsummed number. This will give you the other number.

How do you know whether you should add or subtract the value of the two numbers?

By the signs: 2+2(Add) 2-2(Subtract) +=add -=subtract

What do you call the answer when you add two numbers?

the sum

When you add these two numbers their sum is 43 when you subtract them their difference is 1 what number is it?


A pair of prime numbers that sum to 16?

3 and 13 or 5 and 11

what two numbers multiply to get -54 and add to get 3?

9 and 6 but subtract not add