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If you divided the whole number by Anything greater than 1 and the answer would be less than the whole number.

If you divide the whole number by 1 the answer would be the same as the whole number.

When you go smaller than 1 - say 0.5 then this is the same as a half 1/2 and there are 2 halves in the number 1

Thus if you divide the whole number by 0.5 the answer would be twice the whole number.

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Q: When you divide a whole number by a decimal less than 1 the quotion is greater than the whole number why?
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Why do you get a smaller answer when you divide a whole number by a decimal?

You may or you may not. If you divided by a decimal number that is greater than 1 then you will get a smaller number whereas if you divide by a number less than 1 then you will get a larger number.

When you divide a unit fraction ( less than 1) by a whole number is the quotion larger or smaller than the fraction?

The answer will depend on the sign of the fraction.(1/4) / 2 = 1/8, which is smaller.(-1/4) / 2 = -1/8, which is greater.

How do you show two ways how much greater 0.307 is greater than 0.286?

One way is to look at the first number after the decimal. If it is bigger than the other, it is greater Another way is to divide the number.307 by .286 - if it is greater than one it is greater

Which is greate .4 or .9?

.9 is greater. Look at the first number after the decimal point -if it is greater, the number is greater. if the number is the same, go to the next decimal point; if it is greater, the number is greater; etc.

How do you divide a decimal by a mixed number?

Convert the mixed number to a decimal and proceed.

Why do numbers get bigger when you divide a decimal?

This has absolutely nothing to do with decimals. For example, any positive number become smaller if divided by any number that is greater than 1: whether in rational form or decimal form.

Is The decimal 4.67 is a greater number?

No, it is not greater that 5.

How do you ghange a number into a decimal?

Divide the number by 100

How do you find a fraction to a decimal?

Divide the numerator (the top number) by the denominator (the bottom number) and you will get a decimal number.

How do you reduce ratio to lowest term?

divide it. divide top number by bottom number. You will get a decimal number

How do you convert a mixed number to a decimal?

Divide the fraction then put the whole number at the front of the decimal.

Can you divide 1003 by 3?

no because if you divide this number by 3 it will give u a decimal number