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9.804 meters per second.
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Q: When you run the 100 meter dash in 10.2 seconds how many meters do you go with each second?
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What would a time of 11 seconds in a 100 meter dash convert to in a 100 yard dash?

11.99 seconds because 100 yard dash is 91 meters. 100 meters/91 meters = 1.09 Then do 11 seconds x 1.09 = 11.99 seconds. If you round it, you basically be getting a 12 second 100 meter dash.

How fast can Usain Bolt run per second?

Roughly 10 meters a second. He has the world record of 9.49 seconds for the 100 meter dash.

What does a 10.35 100 yard dash convert to in 100 meters?

10.7 100 meter dash = 9.78 100 yards

How fast is your 40 yard dash if you run a 12.3 second 100 meter?

A 12.5-second 100m equates to a time of 4.572 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

How fast is a 16 second 100 meter dash in miles per hour?

(100 meters/16 seconds) x (3,600 seconds/hour) x (1 mile/1,609.344 meters) = 13.981 mph(rounded)

What does a 8.9 100 yard dash convertto in 100 meter?

9.7 seconds for 100 meters.

What was Michael Johnson's split time for 200 meter dash?

When Johnson broke the world record for the 200 meter dash at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, he ran the first 100 meters in 10.12 seconds. As incredible as it may sound, he ran the second 100 meters in 9.19 seconds which, as of October 15, 2007, is .55 seconds below the world record in the 100 meter dash. Historians have compared that run with the long jump of Bob Beamon in the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City where he broke the existing world record by 21 3/4 inches or .55 meters. He had a running start for the second 100.

Can you convert what would be the 200 meter time of an athlete that ran a 21.9 seconds in the 220 yard dash?

A 220 yard dash time of 21.80 seconds translates to a time of 21.67 seconds for 200 meters.

What would 9.9 second time in 100 yard dash convert to if it was 100 meters?

It would convert to 10.5 seconds for 100 meters.

What is the speed in a 100 meter dash in 40 seconds?

100m/40s or 2.5 metres per second.

Who was the Jamaican sprinter that needed just 9.77 seconds to run 100 meters?

Asafa Powell of Jamaica ran the 100 meter dash in 9.77 seconds.

How many meters has usain bolt ran?

Bolt set the world record for the 100 meter sprint in 2008 with a time of 9.72 seconds.That's an average speed of 100/9.72 = 10.288 meters per second.( 37.037 km per hour )( 23.014 miles per hour )