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Shortterm memory

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Q: When you try to remember a series of digits you are using?
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Is 528 divisible by 9?

no it is not try adding up all the digits it is only divisible by nine if the sum of all them can be equally divided by nine

What is pi equivalent to?

3.14159 Pi is actually 3.141592654........... it goes on forever and that is all i can remember but u cant try using different websites as well. Some calculators say what pie is as well so just take a look around.

What is five to the sixth power?

15625 try it using a calculator

Is 405 divisible by 2 3 5 6 9 and 10?

Try dividing on a calculator, for example, 405 / 2, 405 / 3, etc. If you get a whole number (no digits after the decimal point), it's divisible. Otherwise it isn't.

When you divide 1000 by 11 the first step which is the subtracting 99 from 100 the remainder is 10 so the dividend becomes 9 with remainder 10 which i am getting but it is 90 with remainder 10?

Look at the number 1000 and the number 11. Will 11 go into a number made of just the first digit of 1000 (which is 1). The answer is no, so you try to see if 11 will go into a number made of the first two digits of 1000 (which is 10). The answer is no, so try to see if 11 will go into a number made of the first three digits of 1000 (which is 100). The answer is yes. It goes 9 times. So write 99 below the first three digits of 1000. Subtract 99 from the 100 just above it. Remember the quotient is so far 9. Subtract 99 from the 100 just above it (the first three digits of 1000). You get a remainder of 1. Now bring down the last zero of 1000 and tack it to the right of the 1. You see a 10. Can 11 go into 10. No. So add a zero to the right of the quotient you already have to make it 90. For every digit you bring down from the original number you have to account for it in the quotient, whether it is zero or not. There are no more digits in 1000 so the last 10 you had is the remainder.

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What even number can be formed using the digits 0 1 and 3?

Try 130. Or how about 310.

How do you remember the days of the week in German?

Try to do it using a song. I teach my students using the tune to "Ten Little Indians."

How can you find the repeating digits of a decimal when the calculator display is not long enough to show the repeating digits?

You can try to subtract the first few digits that are displayed from the answer, but note that calculators work to a limited precision so you may not be able to get much more than 10 to 12 digits this way and if the decimal has more than 12 digits you will not be able to find all the digits. The only solution is to do the long division (by hand, using the digits displayed by the calculator, but when you run out of digits in the calculator, you can start a new division using the remainder so far to continue for the next few digits). Alternatively, find a calculator which works to more precision.

When was Try to Remember created?

Try to Remember was created in 1960.

When was Try to Remember - TV movie - created?

Try to Remember - TV movie - was created in 2004.

How do you know a guy is in to you for the second time?

Try to remember the qualities that he was using in the first time, then see wheather he still has thoughs if so maybe.

How would you answer this question. Find the greatest number possible using these digits. 1 3 5 7?

Different ways to experiment:- Try writing the digits in a different order, e.g. 3571 is greater than 1357.(Could these digits be rearranged to make an even higher number?)- Try adding the numbers together e.g. 35 + 71- Try multiplying the digits in different ways, e.g. 1 x 357, 3 x 517 etc- Try multiplying the numbers by themselves.Example of using this method:2 x 3 = 6but 23 = 8 (23 means 2 multiplied by itself 3 times)So we see that multiplying numbers 'with themselves' gives a greater answer than simply multiplying numbers with other numbersLet's try this method with 1,3,5,77513 (which means 751 x 751 x 751) = 426,564,7513175 is ... a huge number!3751 is possibly the greatest number with the digits in this question.Workings:The result of 3751 has 359 digits!i.e.20799950166770668503729810105163851951394324453799558584953693282565372093317627257441611421498899027320821439897036697587148396474631750097920420805624743756632103799787736164211692009022516793910380692963092822882698731782578860788255585172324163847156422048095892567456446627266783499073830363538058695307613757378664939520035256327649649077012817246848747(To make it fit neatly on the screen the number has been split and the commas marking the thousands have been omitted)These are only a few suggestions. Try different ways of using the given numbers. Who knows, you may be able to find an even greater number than the example given above!

How do you remove the lighter in a 2004 2500 series Silverado?

try using your teeth, if that dont work a hammer and chisel should take care of it.

Is 2.51 rational?

Any number that you can completely write down using digits is rational.Let's try to write 2.51 completely with digits:2.51That's it! We're pretty sure that 2.51 is rational. The official math definition of a rational number is: A number that can be writtenas a fraction made of whole numbers. Let's try and write 2.51 as a fractionmade of whole numbers:251/100We did it again! 2.51 is definitely rational.

Between 70 and 80 the product of its digits is 21?

Try the different numbers - there are only 11 after all - and multiply their digits. Or analyze the factors of the number 21.

What year is the Professor Layton series based on?

I do not think Professor Layton is based on any particular year, we have to remember that these games are all a fiction and just try to create an era to set the mood.

Who is the killer in try to remember?