Where are the 100 stray beads on okami?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100

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Q: Where are the 100 stray beads on okami?
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What happens when you gather all 100 stray beads in Okami?

That's simple. Once all 100 stray beads are collected (I mean by beating the game at least once because the last one is received by beating the game XD) you will get a notification on the bottom of the screen where the text always goes. It says, "The 100 stray beads have been found and have formed the Holy Artifact the String of Beads." or something like that while it plays happy music. That then makes Ammy's attack 10x stronger and her solar energy and ink pots infinite. It took me 3 or 4 playthroughs to get all of them.

Where are the location of the stray beads in okami?

That's a hard question. There are several I chests and you can predict where they all are by findinga few and filling in the gaps. They don't really appear in places you can only enter once in and they aren't always in chests laying around. You also need to finish minigames sometimes. Good luck!

What are the different weapons in okami?

Mirrors: Divine Retribution, Snarling Beast, Infinity Judge, Trinity Mirror, Solar Flare Rosaries: Devout Beads, Life Beads, Exorcism Beads, Resurrection Beads, Tundra Beads Glaives: Tsumugari, Seven Strike, Blade of Kusanagi, Eighth Wonder, Thunder Edge

What is strongest weapon in okami?

I would say all the fifth tier weapons. Solar Flare, Thunder Edge, and Tundra Beads

3 beads out of 100 beads would be what in decimal form?


How do you get beads on babydow?

Everyday when you go online you get 200 or 100 beads i believe (=

On Okami wii where are the locations of rosaries?

Devout Beads: After Blooming the Guardian Sapling and restoring Agata Forest, a chest will appear next to the Sapling, containing the Devout Beads. Life Beads: After defeating the Crimson Helm at the Gale Shrine in Kusa Village, you will obtain the Life Beads. Exorcism Beads: In the Imperial palace, once you go inside the Emperor's body, save at the Origin Mirror. After going through, defeat Blight and you will obtain the Exorcism Beads. Resurrection Beads: You must buy this Rosary for 200,00 Yen either from the merchant at Wep'keer or from the merchant at Kamiki Village 100 Years Ago. Tundra Beads: You can buy this Rosary for 500,000 Yen from either the Weapons Dealer in Sei-an City or from the Celestial Merchant in the Ark of Yamato. The Tundra Beads also act as a source of ice for Blizzard.

Where is okami avlable?

okami is avliable online

Where do you get door beads?

100's of beaded curtains.. door beads can be purchased atmystic dreams shoppe

Should you buy Yakuza or Okami first?


How tall is Okami?

Yushin Okami is 6' 2".

When will okami come out?

Okami 2 will come out in 2010 in Japan. Okami 2 will be coming out, around 2011 in Kansas and all that.