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An ultrasonic flow meter is used to determine how fast a fluid is moving. Ultrasonic flow meters can be purchased on the internet from ZORO Tools, Northern Tool, and Grainger Industries.

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Q: Where can one buy an Ultrasonic flow meter?
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How would one recalibrate a flow meter?

One can recalibrate a flow meter by having a company or owning a flow meter supplier or using a flow meter lab. No matter what type of flow meter they need to be checked to see if they need to be recalibrated regularly.

Where can one find a meter for water flow?

One can find a meter for water flow from the following retailers: Amazon, India Mart, eBay, Buy GPI, Flowmeter India, Zapmeter, Flowmeters, Grainger, to name a few.

Is ultrasonic frequency effective for repelling mosquitoes?

Ultrasonic frequency has been shown to be effective for repelling female mosquitoes. It reportedly works within one meter of the insects.

How much does a ultrasonic thickness meter cost?

I found some sites that can help you find out how much one of these meters should cost you to buy them. Here are the sites for you to have a look at

Where can I buy an ultrasonic thickness meter?

You can buy one a medical supply store or at a drug store or at least some of them sell them. You can also check out these sites I found for you to look at , ... Handheld Thickness Gages

What is the purpose of a flow meter?

The purpose of a flow meter is to measure the flow of either air or water. They allow one to measure the total volume of air or liquid flow and the rate of the flow.

Where can one find a guide on reading a fuel flow meter?

You can find a guide on reading a fuel flow meter from sites with topics on flow metering or specifically fuel flow meters. The Flow Meter Directory is one such site. You can also use FloScan Australia which is a leading manufacturer of fuel flow meters.

How long does the river nile flow?

one meter

How is compound meter different from a simple meter?

A compound meter is a phrase used in music, and in flow measurement. For the latter, a compound meter is one in which the measuring system differs depending whether a large or a small flow is being measured. That is, the meter will contain two different measuring gauges.

Where is the mass air flow meter on a 2003 Honda Civic?

it does not have one lover

What is a peak flow meter used for?

To monitor a one's ability to breathe out air.

Where can an air flow meter be bought?

There are a number of places where one may purchase an air flow meter. Online one may look at Advanceautoparts, or Autopartswarehouse. A good offline retailer to try is Advance Auto Parts.