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Washintons head folded is the mushroom!

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Q: Where is the mushroom on the 1 dollar bill?
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How do you turn George Washington's head on a dollar bill into a mushroom?

Fold it

What dollar bill is George Washington's face on?

it was on the 1 dollar bill

How many grams are in a dollar bill?

A dollar bill weighs about 1 gram.

What are examples of current Canadian Values?

lonnie (1$) toonie (2$) five dollar bill ten dollar bill twenty dollar bill fifty dollar bill and the one hundred dollar bill

What is the value of a one dollar Bahamas bill in the US?

The Bahamian Dollar is pegged 1:1 with the US Dollar, so a $1 Bahamas bill is worth exactly $1 US Dollar.

What is the value of five 100 dollar bill thirteen 10 dollar bill and ten 1 dollar bill?

$640.00 USD

List 10 equivalents to one quarter?

25 cents 2 dimes and a nickel 1/4 of a dollar 0.25 dollars 1/40 of a 10 dollar bill 1/100 of a 25 dollar bill 1/400 of a 100 dollar bill 1/800 of a 200 dollar bill 1/1000 of a 250 dollar bill 1/2000 of a 500 dollar bill

What is the value of a 1 dollar bill not trimmed right?

1 dollar

What are dollar bills worth?

look at the number on the bill. if this question was referring to what are dollars worth compared to a different currency then the answer will constantly be changing as the value of different countries currency is fairly volatile. 1 dollar bill = $1 2 dollar bill = $2 5 dollar bill = $5 10 dollar bill = $10 20 dollar bill = $20 50 dollar bill = $50 100 dollar bill = $100

What amount of the currency is the dollar bill?

1 dollar.

George Washington picture is on the 1 bill the20 dollar mill or the 50 dollor bill?

George Washington is on the 1 dollar bill.

How much is a 1 dollar COIN worth?

1 dollars bill