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V = a3 where a is the length of one edge.

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Q: Which formula is used to find volume of a cube?
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What is the definition of a perfect cube?

The definition of a perfect cube is the cube of a number n is its third power. This is formula that is used for finding volume.

Can only be measured in 3 dimensions?

Volume can only be measured in 3 dimensions. This formula is used to find the space in a sphere, cone, cube, cylinder, prism, or other such object.

What formula do you use to obtain the volume of a cube?

Multiply the length of any edge by itself three times. This is the cubic volume in the units you used to meadure the edge. That is LxLxL = VExample:A cube 2 ft on a side is 2x2x2 = 8 ft3A cube 2 meters on a side is 2x2x2 = 8 m3

What is the formula used to find the volume of cubical object?

width x height x depth If the object is truly a cube, then you only need one number ... the length of any edge of it. Cube that number (multiply 'S' times 'S' times 'S'), and you have the volume.

What formula is used to find the volume of a box?

the formula to find the volume for anything is to multiply length times width times height.

What instuments are used to find volume?

The measurement to find volume is cm3 pronounced (centimetre's cube) YOU USE SMALL CM3 SQUARES

Formula for volume of cube?

volume = s3When we write volume = s3, strictly speaking this should be read as "s to the power 3", but because it is used to calculate the volume of cubes it is usually spoken as "s cubed".

What example of finding volume?

There kind of solid object will determine the formula that will be used to find its volume.

What technique is used to find Density of liquids?

Find the mass of a known volume of the liquid and use the formula mass/volume to find the density.

What is the instrument used to measure the volume of a regular shaped object?

A graduated cylinder or beaker is typically used to measure the volume of a regular shaped object by filling it with water and measuring the change in volume. The difference in water level before and after submerging the object gives the volume.

How can you make a table of dimensions with the height of box is 1 cm the length of base is 20 cm and the width of base is 14 cm what is the volume of box?

volume of box=20x1x14 cm cube=280cm cube formula used for volume=length x breadth x height

What tools are used to measure volume of a cube?

All you need is a graduated ruler to measure the length of one edge. From there one calculates the volume. For a cube, which has edges of equal length, you can find the the volume by cubing the length of an edge. Vcube = e3