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0.18 repeating is greater tha

n 0.18.




ng 0.18 = 0.1800

while the repeati

ng 0.18 = 0.181818...

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Q: Which is bigger 0.18 or 0.18 repeating?
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Is a repeating decimal bigger than a normal decimal?

Yes if you mean 0.666...repeating it is bigger than 0.6 non-repeating * * * * * But not if you mean is 0.666... repeating is bigger than 0.67

Are repeating numbers bigger than non repeating numbers?

It kind of depends. for example, if you had 19.999999999 and that went on forever, then you had 19.99 that stopped then the repeating one would be bigger, however if you had 19.9900000000 instead of 19.99, then the repeating one is not bigger.

Is a repeating or terminating decimal bigger?

Repeating decimal. * * * * * It depends on the numbers! For example, 0.6 < 0.66... < 0.67 By the first inequality the repeatiing decimal is bigger, by the second the terminating one is bigger.

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What is greater .08 or .018?

What of these is greater percent .08 or .018

What is bigger one third or 0.374?

0.374 is bigger. One third is 0.3333333 repeating. It doesn't matter how many three's there are after the decimal point, 0.37 makes it bigger.

What type of test is used to detect JWH-018?

There is no test to detect JWH-018.

Is 018 or 04 larger?

The answer is 018. 018=18 because the 0 in 018 does not count for anything. Same with the 04, take the zero away, 04=4. Therefore 18 is larger than 4 so your answer is 4 (Four).

Which is greater 0.77 or 0.7 repeating?

your m o m is bigger than both of those

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Is 0.3 repeating bigger then 0.09?

Yes because 1/3 is greater than 9/100

Is 018 closed under multiplication?


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