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1 square meter is 19.6% more area than 1 square yard.

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Q: Which is greater 1 square meter or 1 square yard?
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Difference between a square yard and a square meter?

1 yard = .9144 meter, therefore 1 square yard = .83612736 square meter. In other words, 1 square meter = 1.19599005 square yard

Is 1 square yard greater or less than 1 square meter?

1 yard is less than 1 metre; 1 sq yard is less than 1 sq metre.

Which is greater 1 meter or 1 yard?

1 m is greater.

Which meausure is greater one yard or one meter?

The conversion between m and yard are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . we know , 1 m=1.0391 yards. seeing this realtion we can say that 1 meter is greater than 1 yard.

What is greater 1 yard or 1 meter?

1 metre is about 3 inches greater than 1 yard

Is a square meter bigger than a meter?

They are two different types of measurement. A Meter is a measurement of length. A Square Meter is a measurement of area. It is a square that is one meter long on each side. Doesn't really make sense. They measure different things, a square metre measures area. A metre measures length. A square metre is the area of a square whose sides all measure one metre.

What is the conversion for kg per square meter to pounds per square yard?

1 kg per square meter = 1.84 lbs per square yard 1 lbs per square yard = 0.54 kg per square meter

How much larger is a square meter than a square yard?

1 meter=1.0936133 yards, therefore 1 square meter equals 1.0936133 yards squared. One square meter = 1.19599004993689 square yards. Answer to the question: -- 1 square meter is 19.6% more area than 1 square yard is. -- The sides of a square that encloses 1 square meter of area has sides that are 9.36% longer than the sides of a square that encloses 1 square yard of area.

Which is greater meter or yard?

1 meter is 9.36 percent longer than 1 yard. That's roughly 1yard 3.37inches

Which is greater 1 square m or 1 square yard?

1 square m

Which is bigger one square yard or on square meter?

One square meter is larger. To illustrate the answer we'll show them each in equivalent square feet:1 square yard = 9 square feet1 square meter = 10.764 square feet

Which is larger one square cm or one square yard?

It is obvious: 1 square yard has to be greater than 1 square cm because 1 yard is longer than 1 cm.