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Q: Which number is ten times as big as its square root?
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Show you how to find root square root?

Basically you find the number of that multiple and times it by itself.For Example: What is the square root of 36?1.) 52.) 33.) 64.) 12The answers 6. (6x6=36) Multiply the number by itself to find the square root. it's easy :)That is the answer the last person left which is completely wrong. First of all the square root of something isn't the number you get when you multiply it by itself, the square root of something is the number that multiplys by itself to get that number so the square root of 36 is 6 but I don't know how to get the square root of a really big number. My answer isUSE A CALCULATOR!!!

Why cant you find a square number which is double another?

Because you are squaring numbers, the only way to get double is by using the square root of 2 which is 1.414. A good example of this is paper sizes. A4 is 210x297 A3 is double the size of A4 but to get that you need to multiply the sides by 1.414. That gives 297x420 But if you double each side of A4 you get 420x594 which is A2 and that is 4 times as big as A4 not 2 times as big.

If you do not know the square root of a really big number how do you know if its rational?

Assuming your number is an integer: if the number is a perfect square, the number is of course an integer, and therefore rational. If the number is NOT a perfect square, it is irrational.

Can you give a sentence using square root?

That stump had a big fat square root and had to be dug out.

What is the square root of big red?


How big is a square that is 17 square inches?

The length of each side is the square root of 17 square inches (about 4.123").

What are the dimensions of Times Square?

how big is time square

How big are pranhas?

they are about a square root of -1 smaller than piranhas.

How many times bigger is a square foot then a square inch?

144 times as big.

How big is an acre If it were a perfect square in size what would ONE side of the acre measure in length?

An acre is defined as 43,560 square feet; the sides of a square having that area would be the square root of that number, or about 208 feet 9 inches.

What is the square root of 39457824658899012345678910111213?

My calculator can't handle that number. It's too big. In fact, it's not too much smaller thanthe number of atoms in the observable universe.If you'll put a message on my message board telling me a). Where you got the number,b). Why you need to know the square root, and c). What you're going to do with it, thenI'll calculate it, and I'll also show you how to calculate square roots with a pencil and paper.

How big is a square that is 100 square inches?

A square has 4 sides that are of equal length. The area of a square is the length of one side multiplied by itself, or squared. So, to find the length from the area you must take the square root of the area, or in other words find that number that when multiplied by itself gives the area.square root (100) = 10This is because 10 x 10 = 100So, each side of the square is 10 inches.