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Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "equals", etc. There are no inequalities shown in the question.

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Q: Which points are solutions to the system of inequalities shown below y 2x y 8 x 2?
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Which of the following points are solutions to the system of inequalities shown below?

y > 5x - 2 y < 5x + 3 A.(4, 20) B.(-5, 25) C.(5, 28) D.(4, 23)

When graphing inequalities why do you shade the graph?

The part that is shaded represents all the possible solutions. An inequality has solutions that are either left or righ, above or below or between two parts of a graph.

How many solutions does the nonlinear system of equations graphed below have?


The two lines graphed below are parallel How many solutions are there to the system of equations?

Although there is no graph, the number of solutions is 0.

Which of the numbers below are solutions to the equation x2 equals -36?


What is the ''point system''?

For Formula 1. The point system is a score point that contributes to the drivers and constructors championship. Per race a driver can earn from 25 to 1 points. The current point system is 1st : 25 points 2nd : 18 points 3rd : 15 points 4th : 12 points 5th : 10 points 6th : 8 points 7th : 6 points 8th : 4 points 9th : 2 points 10th : 1 point 11th and below get 0 points

What is the definition of the solution of linear inequalities?

Each linear equation is a line that divides the coordinate plane into three regions: one "above" the line, one "below" and the line itself. For a linear inequality, the corresponding equality divides the plane into two, with the line itself belonging to one or the other region depending on the nature of the inequality. A system of linear inequalities may define a polygonal region (a simplex) that satisfies ALL the inequalities. This area, if it exists, is called the feasible region and comprises all possible solutions of the linear inequalities. In linear programming, there will be an objective function which will restrict the feasible region to a vertex or an edge of simplex. There may also be a further constraint - integer programming - where the solution must comprise integers. In this case, the feasible region will comprise all the integer grid-ponits with the simplex.

What is the linear inequalities of y is less than equal to 0?

The x axis and everything below it on the Cartesian plane.

Acidic solutions have a pH that is what?

below 7

Alkaline solutions have pH values below 7?

No, alkaline solutions have pH values above 7. pH values below 7 indicate acidic solutions. A pH of 7 is considered neutral.

A acid of pH below?

Solutions with pH below 7 are called acidic or 'acid'

How many solutions are there to the equation below?

Infinitely many