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Q: Which state had the highest proportion of people aged 65 and over in 2008?
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Which state has highest literacy in 2008?

wyoming was the top in 2007-- 2008 census is not out yet

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Hawaii with 71.85 % had the highest percentage vote for Obama.

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Tamil Nadu has produced highest number off IAS officers for year 2008/09.

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The Highest Heights was created in 2008.

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By the end of 2008 there had been a total of 4,117 climbers reach the highest summit in the world, Mount Everest.

What was highest price per barrel of crude oil in 2008?

The highest price for barrel of crude oil reached $128.08in July 2008.

What was the highest price reached for a barrel of crude oil in 2008?

The highest price was reached in July 2008, with a per-barrel price of $128.08

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