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i think its a and may be c bcz both are non polar and has weak forces of attraction . bt nitrogen has low mass as compared to methanol so may be nitrogen is the right answer.

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Q: Which substance would most behave as an ideal gas at stp choose one answer a n2 b h2o c ch3oh d hf?
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What 2 gases on the periodic table behave like ideal gases?


What is the difference between real and ideal culture?

Ideal culture will always differ from real culture; values and norms do not describe actual behavior, as much as, they describe how much we are supposed to behave. Real culture: what actually happens in everyday life; Ideal culture: how we are supposed to behave based on cultural norms and values.

What does the phrase ideal substance mean?

idk d

What gas is likely to behave as an ideal gas when subjected to high temperature and low pressure?


Helium is most likely to behave as an ideal gas when it is under?

low pressure and high temperature

What does its mean for a gas to behave nonidally?

ideal gasses have two properties 1. a low pressure 2. high temperatures

How do you choose which R value to use in ideal gas laws?


Why does xenon not behave like an ideal gas?

In all the fields of science (and also in economy, politics, moral, medicine, etc.) the ideal state is only a word. The ideal doesn't exist but it is very necessary to elaborate valid theories. In conclusion one can say that xenon is still a (quasi)ideal gas.

Do real gases behave like ideal gases except at very high temperatures?

Gases behave most ideally at low pressure and high temperatures. At low pressures, the average distance of separation among atoms or molecules is greatest, minimizing interactive forces. At high temperatures, the atoms and molecules are in rapid motion and are able to overcome interactive forces more easily.

What substance is most absorptive to visible light?

This ideal material is called "black body".

What are Example of an ideal solution?

Almost all mixtures of gases at ordinary T and p are ideal solutions, since they behave like ideal gases. Liquid-state examples would be solutions of very closely related compounds, like ethanol and propanol, or hexane and heptane.

Under which conditions of temperature and pressure does oxygen gas behave least like an ideal gas?

Gases show least ideal behaviour at 1- high pressure and 2- low temperature.