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line graph

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Q: Which type of graph would best display data for showing trends?
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Which type of media would be best for showing purchasing trends over a period of time?


Why would you use a pie graph instead of a line graph?

pie graphs show volume and are good for showing the relationship of size. line graphs are good for showing trends which can lead to predictions.

Can a pie graph be used to show trends?

it can but it would be hard it would be a lot easier to use a line graph

What graph shows trends and how data changes over time?

A line graph would show this.

What graph would best display data showing the percentage of time a student spends studying for their final exam?

i would use a bar chart or a line chart

What type of graph would be better than a bar graph for showing the average rainfall in a year?

better graph would be a line graph

Graph is exellent for showing range of temperature?

a line graph would do the best or you could do the bar graph but it would be a bit longer to do

What type of graph would you use to display the ages of students in your classroom?

The type of graph you would use would be a PICTURE GRAPH or a TALLY CHART

What graph would you use to display student's ages?

Most likely a bar or pie graph

What graph type would best display data relationships over time?

Line Graph.

A graph showing how long styrofoam biodegrades?

Styrofoam does not really biodegrade. Therefore, any graph showing this process would either have to be very, very long, or would not be correct.

What type of graph would you use to display the number of hours you spend playing a sport?

a collumn graph

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