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because of the three knowledge that pulls the gravity of the earth.

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Q: Why are Thales and Euclid both considered as a father of geometry?
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Was Euclid known as the mother of geometry?

Euclid was known as the Father of Geometry.

Who was the father of geometry in ancient Greek history?

Euclid is considered the father of geometry. There are a number of other early contributors to this branch of mathematics, but it is Euclid who gave us the extraordinary mathematical text, Elements. Links can be found below for more information.

Who is father of geometry?


Father of geometry?


What was Euclid's career?

Euclid was a mathematician born around 325 BC and died around 265 BC. Euclid was also considered "The Father of Geometry".

What is father of geometry?

euclid or known as euclides reffered to father of geometry

Who is the master of geometry?

Euclid was known as the father of geometry.

Who is the father of analytical geometry?


How does Euclid impact us today?

Euclid was the father of Geometry and he acualy dicovered it and we use Geometry

Who was known as father of geometry?


Who is the father of Euclidean Geometry?


Who is the father of old geometry?