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For a shape to tile a plane, it must be capable of sharing a border with a copy of itself. Circles cannot do this; two circles which do not overlap touch in at most one point.

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Q: Why can't circles tessellate?
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Can circles tessellate?

No circles can't tessellate because tessellate means fits together without any gaps and overlaping. I hope this helps =]

What shapes do not tessellate a plane?

circles and octagon do not tessellate as they overlap each other or leave spaces between them.

What shapes cannot tessellate?

There are many shapes: circles, ellipses, ovals (elongated circles), cardioids, any shape with a "hole" in it such as a annulus.Polygons will tessellate if combined with other suitable polygons.

Why don't circle and a rombus tessellate?

There will always be a gap between any three circles and so they cannot tessellate.Rhombi, alone, WILL tessellate.

Can semi circles tessellate?

No because if you put them side by side there would be a gap.

Can a triangle and a circle tessellate together?

No. Circles lack straight edges, and thus cannot tesselate with triangles.

Does an octagon tessellate?

An octagon cannot tessellate because when you put about 4 together, there are gaps in between the shapes, which is not allowed in a tessellation. When you put together 5 octagon's, some of them are overlapping and there still are gaps. Therefore, an octagon cant tessellate.

What shapes do not tessellate?

Shapes such as circles, regular pentagons, and heptagons.Most regular polygons will not tessellate on their own. Only triangles, squares and hexagons will.With irregular polygons there is more of a choice. All isosceles or scalene triangles, parallelograms, trapeziums and kites will tessellate as will some higher order polygons.

Can a cone tessellate?

No cones can not tessellate.

Can a decagon tessellate?

There are decagons which will tessellate.

Can a square and a pentagon tessellate?

A square can tessellate but a regular pentagon can't tessellate

Will a square and a circle tessellate?

A square will tessellate leaving no gaps or overlaps but a circle does not tessellate.

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