Why do I space out the clothes evenly?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to make it dry fast

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To make it dry faster

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Q: Why do I space out the clothes evenly?
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Why do clothes washing machines move clothes around during a wash?

To evenly clean clothes and also clean clothes in less time.

How do you balance the washing machine drum?

By distributing the clothes as evenly as possible around the inside.

What is a shopping guide for clothes marked by securly sewn buttons and evenly hung hems?


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Yes and they had better be special clothes under your space suit

What do you take when you go up to space?

some clothes, space food, and other supplies.

Can gases stretch out to fill a vacuum?

Yes. A gas will expand to fill a space evenly.

Is a washing machine drum supposed to be wobbly?

No if it wobbles its because it wasn't loaded with clothes or water evenly and correctly

What is the best way to maximize your space for carry on?

Instead of folding your clothes in your suitcase, roll them up. This conserves space and also helps to keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

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Sewing clothes

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You will need a number of things to live in space such as oxygen, food, water, and clothes

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It is a graduated cylinder.