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I dont know

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Q: Why do some people sit with one leg curled under them?
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What leg does a sliding knee protector go on?

what ever side you want to slide on i put it on my left and so do alot of people but its your opinion yeah usually its the left, however some people slide with their right leg tucked under them, so it is usually whatever leg is tucked under you that you are sliding on top of

Do people have leg hair?

Yes! Everyone has, some more and some less.

Why do some people say King Tutankhamun died of a broken leg and some people say he died of murder which is true?

he died of broken leg because it got infected with bactiera

What happened to your leg when it was tapped below the knee?

If your leg is tapped below the knee, this often results in your leg flinching. This is caused by a reflex in the leg, and it shouldn't be painful, but some people say it tickles.

Why do people cross one leg in front of the other when they stand?

Some people stand with one leg crossed in front of the other as just a general stance. Some also find it helps support themselves.

How do you get leg hair to grow fast?

Well, some people try to get rid of leg hair. But for now leg hair grows by it's time. I don't think something can make you leg hair grow faster because a lot of people don't want it.

What is a leg ball wicket?

when a ball hits batsman's leg under the knee it is called as leg ball wicket

Which part of your body is the tibia?

Your shin bone.

What leg does a slider go on in softball?

the leg you tuck under when you slide i slide and put my left leg under and right over top so i put it on my left but i wear them on my left and right for fielding

Where are the best tickling spots?

Under the armpits, bottom of the feet. Some people have very ticklish palms or near the rib cage. It varies from person to person.if you someone takes their finger and lightly rubs it against your leg it tickles.

Why is tums good for restless legs?

There are some people who claim that Tums or even Rolaids help with their restless leg syndrome. The calcium in the Tums is what helps the restless leg syndrome.

What is a sentence with the word protocol?

Some people do not follow typical protocol for emergencies