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The internal angles of a regular hexagon are 120 degrees. This number goes into 360 degrees three times. So three hexagons can meet at a point without gaps.

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Q: Why does hexagons fit together without any gaps?
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What is the math behind a tesselation?

This is a pattern made up of identical shapes, they must fit together without any gaps and the shapes must not overlap. Multiple regular shapes are squares, triangles, hexagons and dodecagons

What type of polygon is needed to make a tessellation?

Any polygon can be used to create a tessellation as long as it can fit together without any gaps or overlaps. Regular polygons with equal sides and angles, such as triangles, squares, and hexagons, are most commonly used for tessellations.

Can circles tessellate?

No circles can't tessellate because tessellate means fits together without any gaps and overlaping. I hope this helps =]

What is tesalation?

Tessellation: to form or arrange patterns of shapes in a layout that leaves no gaps or overlays. So basically, its a series of shapes that are put together leaving no gaps or any overlaps. for example, lots of squares put together would leave no gaps but a circle wouldn't work because if you put them together they leave gaps.

Why are hexagons so common in nature?

It's one of the only shapes which tessellates perfectly (think tiles, if you tiled a wall with hexagons then there wouldn't be any gaps. Of the shapes which tessellate perfectly (triangle, square, hexagon) it has the smallest perimeter for its area i.e. a square of area 10cm^2 has a greater perimeter than that of a hexagon with an area of 10cm^2. So, if you were a bee trying to make a honeycomb then the hexagon is best because it would use least wax to make a certain area of comb (because of the perimeter/area ratio) and also not waste any space (because it tessellates without leaving any gaps). Hope that helps.

What is a simple tassellation?

A simple tessellation is a pattern made of identical shapes. The shapes fit together without any gaps and do not overlap. An example of a simple tessellation would be a tiled floor.

What does tessallation mean?

Tessallation is when you can fit shapes into a pattern without any gaps showing. Here's an example: When you put 2 triangles together, what shape does it make? It's makes a square. That's an example of tessallation, because there are no gaps in between the triangles, and it makes a perfect square.

What does tesilated mean?

"Tessellated" means to fit together closely, typically in a repeated pattern to cover a surface without any gaps or overlaps. It is often used in reference to geometric shapes or patterns.

Is it true you can not tessellate six sides polygon by itself?

No, it is not true that you cannot tessellate a six-sided polygon by itself. Hexagons are a type of polygon that can tessellate, which means they can be arranged in a repeating pattern to completely cover a plane without any gaps or overlaps.

A repetitive pattern of shapes that completely cover a plane without any gaps or overlaps is a?


Can a regular octagon and a square tessellate?

You cannot use a regular octagon on it's own to make a tiling pattern without any gaps. However a regular Octagon and a square can be used together to make a tessellation. Many people think that regular octagons tesselate on their own because they do not appreciate the need for no gaps.

How many number of square units needed to cover a surface without any gaps or overlaps is called the?