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AVC=AC-AFC,the AVC curve is simply the vertical difference between the AC and AFC curve,

AFC gets less, the gap between AVC andAC narrows.since all marginal costs are variable ,the

same relationship holds between MC and AVC as it did between MC and AC ,that is ,when MC is

less than AVC ,it must be falling, if MC is greater than AVC .it must be rising,

so ,as with the AC curve ,the MC curve crosses the AVC curve at its minimum point

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Q: Why does the minimum point of avc curve lie to the right of minimum point of mc curve?
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What happens to marginal cost after the point where it equals average variable cost?

Marginal Cost will keep increasing (have upward slope) because of the principle of diminishing marginal returns. The MC curve above the its intersection with AVC is the Supply Curve *because below minimum AVC, the firms stops production)

Why avc curve U shape?

Overall because of diminishing marginal returns. The marginal cost curve, MC, decreases until diminishing marginal returns set in and and it begins to increase. When the MC is below the AVC, the AVC must fall. When the MC is above the AVC, the AVC must rise. In otherwords, if the marginal cost is decreasing the average cost must be decreasing as well and vice versa.

Relationship between marginal cost and the supply curve for a purely competitive firm?

Marginal cost curve above the average variable cost curve, is the same as the short run supply curve. In perfect competition, MC=Price. It follows that production will be at that point. Hence the supply curve is the same as that part of the MC curve which is above AVC, where the firm can cover its variable cost....this is better than shutting down.

Why is average total cost curve above average variable cost curve?

The Average Total Cost (ATC) curve is above the Average Variable Cost (AVC) curve because the ATC is composed of the AVC and the AFC (average fixed cost curve). The AVC curve starts out low at low levels of output, and eventually, as more of the variable unit is added, AVC begins to slop upward. Conversely, AFC starts out higher, but as more units are produced, the fixed costs are spread out over more units so the AFC curve is actually a downward sloping straight line. When you add the AVC and AFC at each level of production and graph the result, you are given the ATC line which is a U-shaped curve above the AFC & AVC. An example of VC would be labor. In the short-run where plant size is fixed, in order to produce more units, you would have to hire more labor. As you add workers, you will initially see a productivity gain, but as more and more workers are added, their marginal output will fall. FC is simple. Suppose you have a factory that costs you $100/year to operate. If you produce only 1 unit that year, your fixed costs are spread out over the single unit, so $100 AFC. Now suppose you up production to 3 units and AFC falls to $33.34/unit. Go even further and produce 25 units and now AFC is $4/unit. Graph this line. The sum of these 2 curves, AVC & AFC, equals ATC.

How is a perfectly competitive firms marginal cost curve related to its supply curve?

a perfectly competitive firms supply curve will be the portion of the marginal cost curve which lies above the average variable cost curve (AVC)..this will be due to the firms unwillingness to supply below the price in which they could cover their variable costs

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How do you derive the supply curve of an industry from the supply curve of the firm?

Set MC=AVC and solve for the values that a firm will produce at. Once you've found these values, set price = MC(S(p)) and solve for supply in terms of quantity.

MicroEconomics Which is true 1 when ap rises avc rises 2 when ap is rising avc falls 3 when ap is rising ap exceeds mp or 4there is no relationship between ap and avc?

When AP rises AVC falls

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