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Since the 0 is in the ones place, it will make the whole number even. An even number is composite because it can be divisible by 2 and other numbers too.

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Q: Why is every natural number with a zero in the ones place composite?
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Why every natural number with a 0 in the ones place is a composite number?

They're all multiples of 10.

Is 3235 prime or composite?

Any number which has 5 or 0 in its one's place , that is divisible by 5. Hence 3235 will also divisible by 5 and prime number has only 2 factors i.e. 1 and the number itself. so , 3235 will be a composite number.

What is the digit in the units place of a number is 5 if the no lies between 150 and 200 will be composite or prime?

For any integer greater than 5, where the units digit is 5 then that number can be expressed as the product of n and 5. As such, the number is composite. Therefore all numbers in the range 150 to 200 that have a units digit of 5 are composite,.

Can the natural disasters affect Africa in the future?

Sure. Natural disasters can affect every place of the Earth.

Why are all whole number with 5 in the ones place composite?

Aside from 5 itself, all numbers ending with the digit 5 are divisible by 5, and therefore composite.

What is the two purposes of digits in any number?

Natural and place value

Does a prime number have in the ones place 1 3 7 9?

The prime numbers are 3 and 7 but 1 is not considered to be a prime or a composite number

Penny is going to place 3 pictures on each page in her photo album. If Penny fills 17 pages with pictures will the total number of pictures be a prime or composite number Explain?

Total number of pictures = 3x17 = 51 which is a composite number because 51 is divisible by 1, 3, 17 and 51.Product of any two counting numbers(except 1) always gives a composite number.

Are numbers that have 2 in the ones place composite numbers?

Yes except for 2 on its own which is the only even prime number

Are all numbers that have 2 in the ones place composite?

Yes except for 2 on its own which is the only even prime number

Is all numbers that have a 2 in ones place is a composite?

Yes except for 2 on its own which is the only even prime number.

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