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Because the minuses cancel themselves out,

For example,

-3 x -2 =6

3 x 2 = 6

When multiplying, the (-) doesn't mean anything. With maths, its not the why, its the how.

I have to disagree with maths its not only about the how..the most important part of it is why..for have 50 apples and want to give half of it to a friend..this might be a real life maths you would do it as 50/2...which would be a lot easier than sorting it out the hard that's why you learn deal with situations in real life easier...the example above is a simple one...but more complex ones also come in to use. You just have to think about it, what is the use of learning all of this if it isn't going to help you when you finish school??!!

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Q: Why is minus multiplied by minus is plus?
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