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What is the "bell shaped" curve ?

A common type of histogram characterized by a high center, tapered sides, and bell-flared edges. A bell-shaped curve reflects conditions that exhibit natural variation.

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Q: Why is statistics important to research?
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Why Simple linear regression is important?

It's important to learn this if you plan to go into research. Do well on your statistics class!

What is the importance of research in education?

Statistics are important in educational research. They allow educators to see what types of learning produces the best results for their students.

What is the importance of statistics in research?

Ø Statistics is the science of collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data. It has wide usage in the field of research. In fact all the data collection and interpretation techniques used in Research are part of statistics. Ø It makes use of descriptive statistics for collection of data and inferential statistics for drawing inferences from this set of data. Ø The subject called research statistics & statistics is very important in research because that is the backbone of your research. Ø The Numbers gives an easy idea of how you conducted your research. Ø Statistics provides a platform for research as to; How to go about your research, either to consider a sample or the whole population, the Techniques to use in data collection and observation, how to go about the data description (using measure of central tendency). Ø To wrap it up, statistics as a science of data collection, analysis, interpretation, explanation and presentation will guide you in research for proper characterization, summarization, presentation and interpretation of your research result for proper action.

What are the Importance of statistics in estate management?

important of statistics in estate management

What can be used to organize and summarize research research data?

descritive statistics

How important is statistics in medicine?

Incredibly important ! All clinical practice is based on statistics. Would you implement an intervention (ie a new drug) if you had no proof that it worked ! In medical practice we gain knowledge and make decisions based on knowledge gained though research.

Are statistics used in research papers?

Yes, they are.

Why need the statistics in medical sciences?

Statistical analysis is important in many branches of science. When understood and correctly applied, statistics can help us decide whether or not the results of a research project support the initial claim of the researchers.

What are the importance of statistics in the field of research?

Statistics are needed to analyze data and show which outcomes are significant.

Can you employ inferential statistics in descriptive research?


Why study statistics?

People study statistics because they need to quantify external events, summarize experiment or research results, make data comparisons, and establish correlations between dependent events. There are many more uses of statistics, and they are important in different fields of study and specialties. bye M.M.M (maleele)

How is probability related to statistics?

Probability is related to statistics in a direct manner. When one is doing a research for statistics, probability has to be used especially in sampling a small region.