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Copernicus was employed by the Church and was reluctant to publish work that contradicted the scriptures. Publication of his book was delayed until the year he died, 1543.

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Q: Why was Copernicus afraid to publish his findings?
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Did Copernicus publish his findings?

Yes, in 1543, the year of his death.

Why was Nicolas Copernicus afraid to publish his work?

His ideas went against conventional thinking of the time, so many people would not have accepted it.

Why was Copernicus reluctant to publish his ideas?

Copernicus was reluctant to publish his ideas because he knew that the church would oppose him, so he was scared of being kill. this is why copernicus was reluctant of publishing his ideas

Why didn't Copernicus publish his results?

he died

What book did nicholas Copernicus publish?

on the revolution of the celestial spheres

Where did kettlewell publish his findings?

He published them in Scientific American.

When did Darwin publish his findings from his voyages on the the beagle?


Why was Darwins theory not accepted?

Darwin's theory was accepted,at first Darwin himself did not publish his findings as he did not feel anybody else would agree with his findings but once he found that a fellow scientist had conducted the same research and was going to publish his findings Darwin then also decided that he would publish his findings also.

In 1543 who published his views of Earth and other plants revolving around the sun?

Copernicus. He did it in a book entitled "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres." Of course, Copernicus had completed his work much earlier, but was afraid to publish it in fear of persecution from the Catholic Church. As it turns out, a Protestant religious person got a hold of the manuscript before its publication and changed parts of it without Copernicus' consent.

Why did Copernicus never publish his theory?

He knew that the church would oppose his theories.

How would is it important that scientists publish their findings?

Its important because other scientist can know what they're working on and if its accurate, or if they can improve their findings.

Scientists share their findings with the public. Many publish their work in?

Scientific Journal