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I would pay a dollar for a dollar, after all, it is only a dollar.

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Q: Will you pay 1000 for 1880 silver dollar?
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If sam had 100 dollar bill and he lose it gambling and he borrowed 100 dollar bill from Fred and lose that 100 dollar bill too and had to pay Fred back that 100 dollar bill how many did sam lose?

he lose 200 dollars in all cause he had to pay it back

What is a dime waiting on a dollar?

"dollar waiting on a dime" not a dime waiting on a dollar. The dime represents the lower pay scale job such as a receptionist or assistant. The dollar represents the manager level position or the higher pay scale position. This expression is used to reemphasize a hierarchy between two individuals (e.g. a dollar should never have to wait on a dime because a dollar is worth more).

What is 6 months in jail and 1000 fine for?

it means hes going to jail for 6 months and has to pay 1000 dollars

How does 20-1 betting odds pay out on hundred dollar bet?


What is the melt value of a Morgan silver dollar?

Because silver prices change regularly any specific posted here would be out of date almost immediately. The best way to calculate it would be to check the current spot price of silver (, CNNMoney, etc.) and multiply by 0.77 That's the retail value, of course. A jeweler or coin dealer will pay wholesale, maybe 60% of that, and one of those "We Buy Gold!!!!!" places will pay even less - perhaps 40% if you're lucky. Remember that any old coin should be checked for its value as a collectible which may be higher than its melt value. August 15, 2009 The melt value of a Morgan Dollar today is $11.36. As of today about $13.00

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A 1000 dollar loan you can pay back 200 a month?


What is the value of a 1964 halfsilver dollar?

Depends on what you want to know for. Some collectors will pay more than the $15 you could get for the silver content. Technically the silver dollar is worth about $30, but not many will pay that much. Might be an anomaly on it somewhere which raises value. If you're talking about the Kennedy half dollar, it is worth half as much for the silver value, maybe 3/4ths of the silver dollar. Not worth much to a collector.

How do you find the dollar in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Poptropica?

It is not a dollar but it is a silver coin. Find it in the pay phones to the far left, past Charlie's house.

Where do you go to cash in a silver dollar?

go to a coin dealer or the bank. The coin dealer will pay more. the bank will only pay face value.

What do coin collectors pay for a 1962 silver dime?

Depending on condition, a dollar or so. Less if it's worn.

What is the value of Canadian two dollar bill with no serial number?

Who knows? Could be $100 or $1000 or whatever someone will pay.

How much would 1000 dollars in 1880 be equal to today?

$22,303.98 in 2010Those ladies in Big whiskey were willing to pay plenty for revenge.----------According to

How much would a walking liberty Silver dollar cost?

If you mean a silver eagle (made from the 1980s to present) you can expect to pay $1-3 above silver spot for them. At the time of writing, you can expect to pay around $31-34 or so for one. Expect to pay about double that for a proof. Keep in mind that changes in silver prices will change the price of the coin.

What is the value of a 1957b silver certificate one dollar bill?

About $1.25 in average condition. A dealer will pay face value.

What is the value 1880 e pluriebus unum series o?

Are you talking about the 1880-O silver dollar which says E Pluribus Unum on the front of the coin? If we're talking about the same coin, the "O" (if it's found above the "DO" of "dollar") means it was made in New Orleans. There are a few things to consider before answering that question: what is the condition (uncirculated? worn? cleaned? scratched?), and does it show any signs of 1880/1879 overdate? Ultimately though, all "book values" are just fantasy numbers unless your coin stands out to a dealer or a collector out there who's willing to pay a price above the silver bullion value of this coin (about $10-$12), otherwise that's what you're probably going to get and it may be more worthwhile to save it as a novelty.

Can you pay with a silver dollar?

Yes, you can. If you have a large silver dollar don't use it. These are worth around $32. Smaller silver dollars such as Susan B. Anthony dollars are the ones you want to spend. Any Presidential gold dollars, Sacajawea dollars, and Eisenhower dollars are also legal to spend.

Where do you sell dollars?

You can sell dollars at any coin collecting shop. If you have a coin such as a Eisenhower dollar, Susan B Anthony dollar, or other dollars that lack silver content they will most likely only pay you a dollar. If you have a proof in its original mint package they will pay you more depending on quality.