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A one-block error in the transmitted ciphertext would result in a one-block error in the reconstructed plaintext for ECB mode encryption, while in CBC mode such an error would affect two blocks.

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Q: With the ECB mode if there is an error in a block of transmitted cyphertext only the corresponding plaintext block is affected However in the CBC mode the error propagates For example an error?
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What is conclusion of encryption?

The result of encryption of plaintext is cyphertext. When cyphertext is translated back to plaintext, the process is called decryption.

Write a program to dycrypt the text kpfkc to get original string India using string concept in c?

char cyphertext[] = "kpfkc"; char plaintext[sizeof(cyphertext)]; int i; for (i=0; i<sizeof(cyphertext); i++) plaintext[i] = cyphertext[i] - 2; Note: This is not portable, and depends on the USASCII character set.

Which kind of attack on cryptosystems involves using a collection of pre-identified terms?

The kind of attack you are referring to is known as a known-plaintext attack. In this type of attack, the attacker has access to both the plaintext and the corresponding ciphertext, and the goal is to deduce the encryption key or algorithm used. By analyzing the patterns or relationships between the known plaintext and ciphertext, the attacker can potentially uncover vulnerabilities in the cryptosystem.

Which hash algorithm is used to verify the integrity of data that has been transmitted over a network and creates a 128-bit digest from variable length plaintext?

D: md5

Is standard email transfer secure Why not How would you make it secure?

No, email is transmitted in plaintext. A secure solution would involve encrypting your email or using a more secure protocol (secure ftp, ssh, https, etc)

What is Plaintext?

Plaintext is easily readable or, to be more accurate, decrypted/unencrypted text. This is opposed to ciphertext, which is encrypted. If you used an encryption algorithm to encode your message of "Hello, there" to "4hgu28fhdjf83291". The plaintext form would be: "Hello, there" The ciphertext form would be: "4hgu28fhdjf83291"

How do you convert plaintext to ciphertext?

with a convertor :P

What is a CBC residue?

The last ciphertext block of the previous record. It is is sometimes xor'd with the plaintext of the next record to ensure duplicate plaintext does not encrypt to duplicate cipher text.

What tools can you can use to design program logic?

paper plaintext

Converting plaintext into ciphertext is called what?

Encoding, encipherment or encryption.

What is the encrypted term for plaintext called?

---- == == This is used by the program notepad!

How far the error propagates in a 8-bit cfb mode if a bit error occurs?

The error continues to be present in the system until it is flushed out, since at each iteration all bits move 8 places to the right (or left).