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Q: Word problem of oblique triangle using law of sines?
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find the value of the missing parts?

A triangle using the law of sines

Worded problems using solutions of oblique triangle?


If the only information given about an oblique triangle is the lengths of the three sides which method should you use to solve for the angles?

By using the cosine rule in trigonometry the angles of the triangle can be worked out.

What situation would you be FORCED to use law of cosines as opposed to law of sines?

When none of the angles are known, and using Pythagoras, the triangle is known not to be right angled.

How do you find an unknown angle of a triangle without having a length of one of the sides using sohcahtoa?

If you have the length of two of the sides and one other angle you can use the law of sines.

What is a sentence using oblique?

Posters are viewed from an oblique angle which can distort the typeface to some extent.

How do you find the missing angles of a triangle with one?

you must know more information. Like the lengths of 2 sides. Then using Trig (law of sines or law of cosines) you can find the remaining sides and angles.

What type of triangle has angle A 37 degree angle B 56 degree angle C 87 degree?

Acute triangle - all of the angles are less than a right angle (90°).Scalene triangle - none of the sides or angles are congruent. It can be shown that if no two angles are the same, then no two sides are the same using the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines.

What is an oblique heading?

An oblique heading refers to writing headings using oblique text. These texts are similar to italics, but they lean right and they are only distorted versions of the typefaces instead of separate glyphs.

How do you calculate the length of the opposite and adjacent sides in a right angle triangle if you know the length of the hypotenuse and the angle between the adjacent and hypotenuse?

the sides can be found out by using trignometry.. sines and cosines.. sine of an agle is perpendicular/hypotenuse cosine of an angle is base/hypotenuse..

What is the slope of a baseball mound in degrees?

The pitcher's mound is 10 inches off the ground when compared to home plate. The distance between the pitcher's mound and home plate is 60 feet, 6 inches or 726 inches. We can use these to formulate a triangle where the triangle's base is 726 inches and its height is 10 inches, with an unknown hypotenuse length. We assume the triangle to be a right triangle at the pitcher's mound on the ground, and an angle of elevation (a) at home plate. Using the Pythagorean theorem, we find that the length of this triangle's hypotenuse is 726.06886 inches, and using the law of sines, we find that the angle of elevation of the pitcher's mound from home plate is 0.78914 degrees.

Satellites can focus on specific latitudes using what?

oblique orbits answered by daylon oliver