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Q: Words that have horizontal or vertical symmetry?
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Does the letter E have horizontal symmetry vertical symmetry or both?

Horizontal only

Does the letter you have horizontal symmetry or vertical symmetry or both?


What capitalized words have horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry?

I think It would be H, I, O, and X.

What symmetry does the Jamaican flag have?

What symmetry does the jamaican flag have

What state has vertical and horizontal symmetry?


Does the uppercase Y have a vertical or horizontal line os symmetry?


What are horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry?

A line which divides a body into two parts, such that each part is the mirror image of the others, then the line is called a line of symmetry. If such a line is parallel to the horizontal plane, then it is called a horizontal line of symmetry. Else, if the line of symmetry is perpendicular to the horizontal plane then it is a vertical line of symmetry.

What shapes have no vertical or horizontal lines of symmetry?

Most of them.

Does a rectangle have 3 lines of symmetry?

No, a non-square rectangle has two: the horizontal and the vertical. A square has four lines of symmetry: the horizontal, the vertical, and two diagonal lines.

What numbers one through ten have lines of symmetry?

3 (w/ horizontal line of symmetry) and 8 (horizontal and vertical).

Does the number eight have a vertical line of symmetry?

yes the number 8 has a vertical line of symmetry. and depending on how you draw it also a horizontal line of symmetry.

What is theQuadrilateral with horizontal line of symmetry but no vertical line of symmetry?