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The perimeter of a full circle (circumference) is "pi" times the diameter. So the perimeter of a semi-circle will be half that; Perimeter = (pi/2) x (diameter).

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Q: Work out the perimeter of the semi-cirle when diameter is 15cm?
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What is the perimeter of 8cm and 15cm?

Perimeter is the total of all the sides. Let's assume your part-question relates to a rectangle. Four sides: 2 x 8cm and 2 x 15cm. I'm sure you can work it out from there...

How do you work out the perimeter of a third of a circle?

The circumference of a circle is pi times the diameter. If you want a third of that, divide by 3. (Pi is approximately 3.14) Then to get the perimeter add the diameter to the circumference of the 1/3 of the circle.

How do you work out perimeter of circle?

To find the circumference (distance around) of a circle, use the formula pi x d (d=diameter)

How do you work out a perimeter?

for polygons, add up the lengths of all the sides. for circles, multiply the diameter of the circle squared by pi (3.14)

When you try to work out the perimeter do you add or times?

To work out perimeter you always add I need to remember that

How do you work out perimeter?

Plus the side

How do you work out the perimiter of a circle?

The perimeter of a circle is called it circumference, "C". To calculate it, multiply its diameter by the constant, pi. Pi is roughly equal to 3.14159265. So, let's say you have a circle with a 10-foot diameter. Then C=10 x 3.14159265 = 31.42 (rounded off).

How would you work out the perimeter of a playground?

In meters

How do you calculate the stirrups cutting length?

Firstly, u need 2 know ur diameter of the stirrup used. Then get the perimeter of ur concrete work. After which you will less your cover, but remmeber that your diameter stirrup will be minus from your cover in meter, then u can now less cover round the perimeter of your concrete and lastly you will add your bending length(i.e the length it use to over_laps each other. Which is mostly 75mm.

How do you work out the perimeter of a semi circle?

Measure the diameter of the circle,this is a line taken right across the circle that goes through the centre. Now multiply by pi =3.142 and divide by 2 to get the length of half the circumference.

If you have the diameter how do you work out he area?

diameter = 2rarea = pi*r^2

How do you work out the perimeter of a circle?

It is pi r 2