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Q: Would a width of a wall be meters or kilometers?
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Would you measure a wall in kilometers meters centimeters?

you would measure a wall in meters

What units would you use to measure the length of a wall?

Multiply the height by the width Area = length x width or (height x width in this case)

What is the width of the Great Wall of in meters?

The great wall of china is 4,6 to 9,1 meters wide at the base, and at the base it is 2,7 to 3,7 meters. See the related link.

What is the area of a wall that is 7.3 meters long and .9 meters wide?

If it's rectangular - which is usually the case for a wall - you simply multiply length x width.

Where is something that is 15 meters high 8 meters wide 240 kilometers long?

Great Wall of China

How long or how wide is The Great Wall of China?

The width of the Great Wall is 5 to 10 meters (16 to 32 ft) at its base and generally 5 meters (16 ft) at the top. Various guard towers and gates form wider sections. The wall was from 6 to 9 meters (20 to 30 ft) tall and most estimates place its total length at more than 6400 kilometers (4000 miles).

What was the width of the Temple Veil?

There were three curtains in the Tabernacle, and a larger number in the Temple. I'll assume that you're asking about the curtain that was in front of the Holy of Holies.In the Tabernacle, its width was ten amot (about five meters).In the First Temple, its width was that of an ordinary door, since there was a wall with a curtain where a door would have been.In the Second Temple, its width was twenty amot (about ten meters).

How tall was the hadrian's wall?

Hadrian's Wall stretched 80 Roman miles, or 120 kilometers. The width and height varied depending on materials. At some points, the wall was 3 meters wide and 5-6 meters high - at others, 6 meters wide and 3.5 meters high. Another section was eight Roman feet high (2.4 meters) and 10 feet at the base.

Do you need to consider height beside length and width in calculating square fit of a wall?

The width would be the height.

Is it actually true that the great wall if china can be seen from space?

Although the extent of the Great Wall is some 6400 kilometers (4000 miles), it is only a maximum of 30 meters (95 feet) in width at its gates, and the material of the wall is similar to the surrounding land. So it would be far too narrow to observe from the Moon. (Even from low Earth orbit, astronauts need binoculars to make it out.)

How many yards of wall paper would you need for 123 sq Ft Of wall space?

It depends on the width of the wall paper rolls.

What measurement would you use to measure the of the classroom wall?

meters or yards