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Q: Would you measure a sewing needle grams or milligrams?
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What unit of measurement would you use to measure the weight of a sewing needle?

A millinewton. NOT a gram, which a measure of mass, not of weight.

Would you measure a car in milligrams?


What is in a standard sewing travel kit?

A small sewing travel kit would have several colors of thread and buttons. It of course, would have a needle too.

What would you measure using milligrams?


What would you measure with milligrams?

somthing small

In sewing straight pins put in the cutting line?

If you use straight pins to hold the pattern pieces to your fabric, be sure to remove them before sewing because the machine needle might hit one. If this happens, the sewing needle might bend or break and, in either case, the needle would no longer work.

If your sewing machine were skipping stitches what would you check first?

B. needle stitching :)

Is it better to measure a bicycle's mass in grams or milligrams?

You measure a Bicycles mass in KILOGRAMS. You would measure the weight of an APPLE in Grams, and the weight of your brain in milligrams, if you think you would meaure a bike in grams or milligrams.

How are sewing machine used?

Sewing machines are used to fasten pieces of fabric together by using needle and thread, just like you would if you were sewing by hand, only much faster and neater.

Would you measure a horseshoe in grams milligrams or kilograms?


What would I need to operate a sewing machine?

To operate a sewing machine, you will need a place to set the machine up, thread, bobbins and a needle for your machine and fabric type.

What unit would measure mass of an ant?

The mass of an ant would typically be measured in milligrams (mg) or micrograms (μg).