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The problem here is nobody knows if "ay squared" is (ay)2 or ay2 etc. To solve a mathematical problem it must be set out mathematically or nobody knows your intention. Here is a sort of mathematical statement which is unclear, and although it ends in a question mark, nobody knows what the question is, even if you do. Try again and people will do their best to answer it.

I read the question as:

x2y2 + ay2 + ab + bx2 ?

But what is required to be done with it?

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Q: X squared y squared plus ay squared plus ab plus bx squared?
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Factor x squared y squared plus ay squared plus ab plus bx squared?

(a + x^2)(b + y^2)

Factorize x2 plus bx plus ax plus ab?

x2+bx+ax+ab = x2+ax+bx+ab = x(x+a)+b(x+a) = (x+a)(x+b)

Factoring this expression Check by multiplying factors xy plus ay plus ab plus bx?

xy + ay + ab + bx = y(x + a) + b(a + x) = y(x + a) + b(x + a) = y(x + a) + b(x + a) = (y + b)(x + a) To check, multiply out the two brackets making sure that each pair is evaluated.

How do you factor ax-xb-ay plus yb?

Recall distributivity a(b + c) = ab + ac = (b + c)a and associativity (ab)c = a(bc) (a + b) + c = a + (b + c) as well as commutativity ab = ba a + b = b + a we are gonna need those. See for yourself when I applied each to learn the trick: ax - bx - ay + yb = (ax - bx) + (-ay + yb) = x(a - b) + -y(a - b) = (x - y)(a - b)

What type of reaction is represented by the general form AX plus BY BX plus AY?

Double Replacement

What type of reaction has the general form AX plus BY -- AY plus BX?

A double replacement reaction.

What is 3x squared plus 6x-3 equals 8 in the form of Ax squared plus Bx plus C equals 0?

It is: 3x2+6x-11 = 0

How do you find the equation of a line with the x and y intercept?

If the x intercept is a and the y intercept is b, then the equation of the line is bx + ay = ab

What is an equation that can be expressed in the form of the equation y equals ax squared plus bx plus c where the variable 'a' is not equal to 0?

The equation ax2 + bx + c = 0, where a != 0 is called quadratic.

AX plus BY equals AY plus BX what is the general equation?

Assuming the question is about chemical reactions (rather than mathematics where it is placed), it is a double displacement.

Solve for x and y. ax plus by equals a-b bx-ay equals a plus b plus b?

Your two equations are: AX + BY = A - B BX - AY = A + B + B Because you have four variables (A, B, X, Y), you cannot solve for numerical values for X and Y. There are a total of four answers to this question, solving each equation for X and Y independently. First equation: X = (A - B - BY)/A Y= (A - B - AX)/B Second equation: X = (A +2B +AY)/B Y = (BX - A - 2B)/A

What is ab-bx in factored form?