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Q: You start with -3 you take away -5 and then add -10 what is the answer?
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You start with -6 you add -10 then take away -2 what do you get?

You start with -6you add (+)-10then take away (-)-2what do you get?Adding a negative is subtracting, and subtracting (taking away) a negative is adding. (-6) + (-10) - (-2) = ?-6 - 10 + 2 = -14 ◄

How do you take away a number on a number line?

Move to the left. For example: when you start with 10 and take away 4, you start at 10 on the number line and move four numbers to the left to reach 6 as your answer.

How do you take 15 percent off a figure?

work out 10% and then half it, add the two together and take it away from the first number

What is the answer to -3-10?


What is 8 take away-10?

8 take away-10 = -2

What is an inverse property of subtraction?

Addition. Start with nothing. Add 10. Subtract 10. Or first subtract 10, then add 10. Result is back where you started.

When was Can't Take That Away from Me created?

Can't Take That Away from Me was created in 2020-10.

Start with 1000 add 40 add 1000 add 30 add 1000 add 20 add 1000 add 10?

The correct answer is: 1000+40+1000+30+1000+20+1000+10 = 4100

Why does smoking take away 10 seconds of your life?

It doesn't ACTUALLY take away 10 seconds of your life. It is just a saying.

When is the best time to take a baby puppy away from its mother?

you should start weening at about 6-8 weeks and you should be able to take them away permanently at about 10-12

What are the steps in multiplying and dividing multiplies by 10?

To multiply by 10, add a zero (move the decimal one place to the right.) To divide, take a zero away (move the decimal one place to the left.)

Start with a add ten square the result what expression do you get?