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The number is 18, It is even number, it is factor of 198 and multiple of 9

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Q: Your number is even it is a factor of 198 and multiple of 9what is your number?
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What is a number that has an even factor?

The presence of any even factor says that the numberis a multiple of 2, or a so-called "even" number.

What if your number is even it is a factor of is multiple of 2.what is my number?


Is 2 a factor of 348?

Yes.Yes, 2 is always a factor of a number if it's even but iff it's not even then it's not a multiple of 2 :))))

What number is a factor of 48 a multiple of 6 it is even the sum of the digits of this number equals 3?


What is a number that is even and is a factor of 48 and is a multiple of 6 and the sum of the number equals 3?


is even number multiple of odd number?

An even number can be a multiple of an odd number OR an even number. An odd number cannot be a multiple of an even number.

Is the gcf of an odd number and an even number is always even?

It CAN'T be even, since the number 2 is not a factor of the odd number. "Even" means that a number is a multiple of 2.

Do all event number have 2 as a factor?

By definition, an even number is a multiple of 2. That's what "even" means.

What is an odd number that a even factor?

No odd number has an even factor.

What number has an even factor?

Any even number has at least one even factor.

Which number is divisible by 2?

Every number to which 2 is a factor. Therefore, every multiple of two; hence, every even number.

Is 189 a prime number or a composite number?

189 is a composite. Some quick tests, which can be done in your head: Check if the number is even (2 is a factor). Ones place will have 0,2,4,6, or 8 if even. Multiple of 5 (5 is a factor): Ones digit is 0 or 5. Multiple of 3 or 9: Add up the digits in the number; if this sum is 3 or a multiple of 3, then the original number is a multiple of 3 (3 is a factor). Additionally, if this sum equals 9 or a multiple of 9, then 9 is a factor. This is the case for 189 : 1+8+9=18, which is a multiple of 9. Since we found a factor (in addition to 1 & the original number) then the number is composite and not prime.

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