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400 of them.

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Show us how u got to the answer
Show as how you got the answer
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I dont understand
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400 of them

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Q: Zakele must repack tins that come in large boxes into smaller boxes. A large box contains 48 tins and a small box can hold 15 tins. Zakele must repack 125 large boxes. How many small boxes will he nee?
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Why don't US package forwarding companies repack items in a smaller box Suggest me if you know any.?

Hey Joseph, not all the companies are the same. I know many package forwarding companies like DHL, Global shopaholics, and PlanetExpress that repack items in smaller boxes to save money on shipping. One of the best company is Global shopaholics that repack items in the smallest possible box without compromising your shipment's safety, and I have tried them.

There is a box now in this box there is 43 smaller boxes in those boxes there are 29 smaller boxes And in those boxes are 15 pencils how many pencils per box how do i figure it out?

15 pencils, but if specified otherwise then its 29 x 15.

Are hd boxes bigger or smaller than the regular cable boxes?

I believe the relative sizes of HD boxes or regular cable boxes may depend on the provider through which you choose to get HD or regular cable. You should check with the provider you are considering to determine if their HD boxes are bigger or smaller than their regular cable boxes.

How do you make tag boxes smaller on Facebook?

U cant

What contains thousands of boxes but can fit in your pocket?

the puzzle box

Inside each of three separate equal size boxes are two separate small boxes and inside each of the small boxes there are four even smaller boxes how many boxes are there altogether?

there are 33 boxes because if you count 3 that's 3. then the 2 boxes inside each big box that's 6 small boxes. and that makes 9 boxes. then you have 4 even smaller boxes. 4 multiplied by six makes 24. then you add 9 plus 24 and get 33.

Which box contains something different from the other boxes?

Box C

What contains buttons and boxes that allow you to perform frequent tasks quickly?


What contains buttons and boxes that allow you to perform frequent tasks quikly?


And office manager ordered 12 boxes of pens and 14 boxes of pencils on the internet. Each box of pens contains 124 each box of pencils contains what is the total number of pencils the manager order?

The answer is 20832

Where can I find wardrobe hanging boxes?

The USPS has flate rate boxes that as long as the item fits inside the box it ships for a flate rate. As long as you are shipping within the US, the price of the smaller boxes are $5.20 and if you use their online services you'll save even more and only pay $5.00. The large flat rate boxes are $14.95 and with the online services you pay only $14.20. So, you can save by ordering smaller boxes for your smaller orders and save even more when you use their online services.

Where am I able to buy a lot of duct tape at once?

One of the best ways to get boxes are the pre-paid priority shipping boxes from the USPS. It's easier to do pre-paid boxes for smaller businesses and you can order them in bulk.

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