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Q: How many acres of woods and forests in the state of Maine?
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Are there any dense forests in North Dakota?

North Dakota has the smallest forested area in the United States. There are five state forests managed by the North Dakota Forest Service. They are: Turtle Mountain State Recreational forest, which is the largest with only 7,814 acres. The remainder include three with an area of less then a square mile. Homen State forest covers 4,184 acres. Tetralt Woods, Mouse River State forest, and Sheyenne River State forest. There is also the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Popular forests in Vermont?

Vermont has many forests throughout the state, including the popular Green Mountain National Forest that has recreation for all four seasons. Other forests include Gifford Woods State Park and Emerald Lake State Forest.

Where are rabbits environment?

=they are meadows,woods,forests,thickets and grasslands==they are meadows,woods,forests,thickets and grasslands=

What are the tourist attractions in Maine?

The Maine Woods, Maine's Lighthouses, Seafood dining.

What is a sentence used with the word dusk?

Many state forests close at dusk because the woods are dangerous after dark.

How big is bourne woods?

Bourne Woods, Lincolnshire is about 400 acres in size.

Where do faries come from?

they are from forests, in Scotland and in normal forests and woods and your backyard

What grows in woods and forests?


What is Maine's song?

"State of Maine Song" is the state song for Maine. It was written and composed by Roger Vinton Snow, Sr. [1890 - 1952]. "State of Maine Song" became the official state song on March 30, 1937. The song starts with the verses, "Grand State of Maine, proudly we sing To tell your glories to the land." The chorus begins with "Oh, Pine Tree State, your woods, fields and hills, Your lakes, streams and rock bound coast Will ever fill our heart with thrills."

What is Maine state animal?

The Landlocked Salmon (Salmo salar Sebago) was designated the official state fish of Maine in 1969.

Where Bat live?

caves desert woods forests.

What is wilderness?

the wilderness is like in a forests and jungles and woods