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Q: Will 23 acres be a good size lot?
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How big is 23 acres?

23 acres is 1,001,900 square feet.

How many acres are 1000000 sq ft?

About 23 (22.9568411) acres.

How many acres are 980971 square feet?

980,971ft² = 23 acres

When was A Thousand Acres created?

A Thousand Acres was created on 1991-10-23.

How much is in .23 of an acres in feet?

0.23 acres is 10,018.8 square feet.

How much square feet are .23 acres?

0.23 acres is 10,018.8 square feet.

When was Birt Acres born?

Birt Acres was born on July 23, 1854, in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

When was Shady Deal at Sunny Acres created?

Shady Deal at Sunny Acres was created on 1958-11-23.

What are the release dates for Acres of Alfalfa - 1914?

Acres of Alfalfa - 1914 was released on: USA: 23 May 1914

How many acres of land is in 250 yards by 450 yards?

(250 + 450) * 9 / 43,560 = 23 acres

How many acres are in 80x125?

An acre has a total of 43,560 square feet. Given that these numbers are in feet, you multiply 10,000 square feet by that and you get the number of acres. This gives you an answer of .23 acres.

What size is .11 acres in yards?

We can't say definitively unless we know the shape. 0.11 acres = 532.4 square yards. That could be a strip of land one yard wide and 532 yards long. If it was a square, it would be about 23 yards on each side.