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Two riddles about fathers and sons come to mind, but neither fit both the "one father and three sons" AND "math" categories.

First, there is an old riddle about a sick father sending his three sons on an errand to determine which will inherit his fortune. It goes like this (or something similar):

A dying old man sends his three sons to market on an errand. He says, "Whoever can bring me something large enough to fill my room but small enough to fit in your pocket will be my wisest son. That is the son who will inherit my fortune" The first son brings some cloth and barely covers the floor. The second has some hay and also fails. The third, however, succeeds with a pocket-sized item that is able to fill the room, and earns his father's estate. What does he bring? Beside that one, there is a popular "math" riddle involving two fathers and two sons that goes like this: Two fathers and two sons go fishing and catch three fish. Each person comes home with one fish. How is this possible? A popular variant to this tells the fathers & sons are hunters, but the question and answer are the same.

Answers to both are available through the related links.

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Q: How does the father and three sons math riddle go?
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