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A really long table.

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Q: What has 50 legs but cannot walk?
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What has four good legs and yet cannot walk on the ground?

A chair, because a chair cannot walk at all!

Small animal with legs but cannot walk?

how about a water boatman

Why a person without legs is handicapped?

because they cannot walk

What has 4 legs and 1 back yet cannot walk?

A chair

Do koalas walk on 2 legs?

Koalas are not bears. Koalas have four legs which they use to climb up and down trees. When they are not climbing up and down trees, they are walking from tree to tree looking for more leaves to eat.

Can a butterfly walk?

We can't say exactly the reason they cannot walk, because it's their nature! An adult dragonfly has four large, fragile wings, It has 6 legs. It can perch but it can't walk. It uses its legs to make a basket to catch bugs in the air. It can fly 50 to 60 miles per hour. It buzzes by flapping its wings up to 1,600 times a minute! Thus, the known fact that Dragonflies have 6 legs but can't walk!!

What has four legs and two arms but cannot walk?

Q:What has 6 legs can't walk but can fly? A: A dragon fly Why: because it is an insect that has 6 legs, it literally cant walk, and it can fly

You have four legs but cannot walk three eyes but cannot see twenty arms but cant grab what are you?

A dead alien/monster

What animal has 3 legs but cannot walk?

tape measure

Why don't kangaroos walk?

Kangaroos do walk, but in a way quite different from the gait of other mammals. They cannot walk in the conventional manner because of the way their body and legs are shaped. When moving slowly, however, kangaroos do have a form of walking. They support themselves with their front legs and tail while they pull their hind legs along.

Your male pug cannot stand or walk on his hind legs what is wrong?

Maybe a hip problem which is common in pugs

How come sloths cannot walk on the ground?

because thier mucsles in the legs are not strong enough hope this helps