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For a start, kilogram is a unit of mass, not of weight.

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Q: What is the substance that weighs 2 kg when it is dry and weighs 1 kg when it is wet and weighs 3 kg by being burnt?
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What weights more dry sugar or burnt sugar?

burnt sugar

Is dry ice a substance?

Yes, dry ice is a substance. It is frozen carbon dioxide.

Which weighs more a yard of dry sand or a yard of dry gravel?

A yard of dry gravel weighs more than a yard of dry sand. One yard of dry gravel is equal to 2970lbs/cu. yd while one yard of dry sand weighs 2619lbs/cu. yd

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What weighs more wet sand or dry concrete?

dry concrete

Why sulphur increase its weight after dry and burnt?

Sulfur increase its weight after dry and burnt because it forms chain molecules called gamma sulfur. Gamma sulfur is known as plastic sulfur.

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How many dry tablespoons in a dry gram?

Tablespoon is a measure of volume while gram is a measure of weight. The two are not comparable unless you are measuring as specific substance. Just as a guide to give you some idea about Grams & Tablespoons, note the following:- 1 level Tablspn of Flour weighs 11gram. 1Tblspn White Sugar weighs 16 gram 1Tblspn Water weighs 20 gram.