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What is a sample of matter containing only one type of atom

What is a quasi-experiment

The independent variable is also called the

Can you show me a experiment

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A scatterplot is a type of data display that shows the relationship between two numerical variables. Each member of the dataset gets plotted as a point whose x-y coordinates relates to its values for the two variables.

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Q: Two sets of data that show a relationship is an example of?
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What does interval data mean?

Interval data is data divided into rangers, where the distance between intervals is the important data being looked at. In experiments this is used to help show if data's closely collected around an expected area or not.

What is an example of Vygotsky's zone of proximal development?

An example would be reading a book with a child. They are reading the words of the book outloud to you as you follow along. They come across a word that in unfamiliar to them and ask for help. Instead of directly telling them the word, show them pictures of ask them questions about what they just read. They will figure the word out on their own and come to understand what the word means on their own. They will later learn to do it themselves first before asking for help.

What is secure attachment?

Secure attachment in an infant implies that the infant trusts her mother or caregiver is truly attached to them. A good example was shown through " The Strange Situation" theory. In this study they tested that a baby will show signs of distress if separated from their primary care giver (usually the mother) and will show signs of joy and seek comfort in the cargiver when they are reunited. This shows that they are attached securely and the baby uses the caregiver as a safe base. Approximately 60-65% of American babies has been shown to have secure attachemnt relationships.

Why are repeated trials of the same measurement desirable?

Repeated trials of the same measurement will show validity, IF the measurement is a valid measurement. For example, most psychological tests administered by professionals have been validated. But, if a person tried to make up questions similar to the MMPI test, the made up questions would only be an unscientific poll and would not be a reliable instrument.

What is deferred imitation?

Delayed Imitation. IE. You show a child something today, and they hold it in their mind and imitate it tomorrow.

Related questions

When are scatter plots used?

to show the relationship between 2 sets of data

What is a graph with points plotted to show a possible relationship between two sets of data?

A scatter plot

What to use If you want to show the relationship between two sets of data?

The answer depends on what sort of variables the data are (qualitative, quantitative-discrete, quantitative-continuous are; the nature of the relationship (if any) between the data sets; how much information you wish the graph to convey and how much you would prefer to describe in the accompanying text.

What type of graph is best to use to show the relationship between sets of data?

A scatter plot.A scatter plot.A scatter plot.A scatter plot.

Why do you use a double bar graph?

to show a comparison of two sets of data

Which of these correlation numbers shows the strongest relationship?

A correlation coefficient of 1 or -1 would be the highest possible statistical relationship. However, the calculation of correlation coefficients between non independent values or small sets of data may show high coefficients when no relationship exists.

Show example of quantitative data?

An example of quantitative data would be the number of people born in 1 hour.

What is The Relationship Between Statistics and Mathematics?

Statistic use mathematics to show relation of sets of datas.

What types of Excel charts show the relationship of each part of data in reference to the whole?

Pie charts and doughnut charts. Cake charts and cookie charts however, do not show the relationship of data in reference to the whole.

What are some ideas for a scatter plot?

A scatter plot is designed to show a broad swatch of values for a given data set. Data sets with a few outliers and a trend in the middle are ideal. Ages of college students, for example, would be an excellent data set to be represented by a scatter plot.

How does a graph help us interpret scientific date?

A graph can more easily represent the trends in numerical data because of its ability to display lines rather than numbers, making increases and decreases in data more easily seen over a length of time or area. Graphs can be used to show the attitude of only one data input, but is most often used to compare the relationship between two data inputs, but certain types of graphs can be used to show a relationship between more than 2 sets of data.

What is DTR stands for?

Data Terminal Ready Define the Relationship in the MTV show Awkward

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