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firstly 1liter of water = 1 kg

so 18.9 kg = 41.667368 pounds

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Q: 18.9 litres of water equals how many pounds?
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How many liters of water equals one pound?

0.454 litres, approx.

2.25 teaspoons equals how many pounds?

2.25 teaspoons of water equals 0.023 pounds

Your weight in pounds 138 equals how many pounds of water?

138 pounds!

8 kg pail equals how many liters?

if it's water then 8 litres

How many liters of water needed for 30 pounds?

Source sez: 13.63 litres

113 liters equals how many pounds?

Technically, this question needs more information, but firstly it should be spelt litres, as it is a French measurement of liquid volume. It has been adopted as the main measuring system in many countries, either in part or in full. A litre is 1000 milli litres or mls as an abbreviation. 1 ml equals the weight of 1 cubic milimetre of pure water, at sea level, therefore a litre equals the weight of 1,000 mls of water. As different substances have different weights by different volumes, we need to know"113 litres of what" but as an example 113 litres of water would weigh 113 kilograms (a kilogram or kg, is another word for 1000 grams) 1 gram = 1 cubic centimetres of water. 113 kg would convert at the rate 2.2 (approx) pounds to the kilo, and would be exactly 249.122 pounds

How many tablespoons equals 80 pounds?

80 pounds of water is 2,560 tablespoons.

10 gallons equals how many pounds?

10 gallons of water is 83.5 pounds

30 pounds equals how many gallons?

30 pounds of water is 3.593 gallons.

How many 1.5 liters equals 32 ounces?

1.5 litres equals approximately 52.911 ounces. - 32 ounces equals 0.907 litres.

How many pounds of sand equals 200 pounds of water?

200, it's all the same.

18 gallons of liquid equals how many pounds?

18 gallons of water is 150.3 pounds.